knowing something that you did not know before

never decreasing it only increasing it

only can be stopped when you go the wrong way to things

we try our best to make it grow

let our minds concentrate on something

endless writing and learning and reading?

do you want it to grow even higher?

go and seek some more knowledge because knoweledge is 

endlessly cool!



hey, todays post is going to be about a prayer

i sometimes make wishes but to be honest i always make prayers. when i do pray i feel really relaxed and calm and happy, but when i don’t i am in a mood. i think praying is actually a stress-free act that always makes you feel better, no matter what type of mood you are in!

praying can be to make a quick prayer or a long prayer that may last up to hours.

i wrote this poem inspired by praying itself!

i sit quietly, and calmly.

i breathe the fresh air coming through the window.

i pray

my hearts a steady beat

not fast, not slow

i feel like im at beach.

alone and in a peaceful area

i hear the sea swish and sway

i pray

my eyes are now closed

i am concentrating

i pray with my happiness

i pray to my lord

i pray


Death is No Joke, Its Reality

When Death approaches we begin to get scared

it may be our time to go away

or someone close to us, or someone we know

maybe a young or even old

Death is no joke, it is reality.

Our hearts break, our smiles turn into frowns

death is no joke, it is real

cries and weeps surround a house

all the memories we do keep

we pray to God to help us through.

some may think that death will not come to them

but are they stupid? it always comes

death is no joke. it is real.

I think that this poem is upsetting in ways because i wrote it after finding out that my friends 1-year-old brother had passed away, but i just pray that he will be granted paradise inshallah (if God Wills)

Versatile Blog Award

okaay, so this award was given to me by epiphany art and i thankyou epiphany, your poetry is really good. 🙂

so here i go with the award


  1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
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1. I am a person who really loves poetry (you might already know that)

2. I wish for my poetry to be published in the future inshallah (god willing)

3. I wear glasess and they are green

4. I am a muslim and I wear the Headscarf

5. I want to live in a really big house when i am older

6. the singers i mostly listen to are Maher Zain, Zain Bhikha, Irfan Makki and Rahim

7. i am bad at spelling

right i don’t know who i am going to nominate so i nominate all my followers and readers.

congrats to you all



Old Poem Of Mine :)

Hello to all my fellow followers and the blog readers and bloggers of the world! Right,  i am going a to post a poem, its a old poem of mine that i posted quite a long time ago but not many of you have read it, it’s called Palestine and i hope you like the poem. comment your thoughts about it and press the like button if you like it please. 🙂 so here i go…


Having been through a lot of pain,

She still stands firm and straight.

Every day and hour goes pass dreading,

As if nothing can change,

But one thing remains is that she is still standing,

She has not lost hope as she knows,

She will be free, it is certain.

Even though her people cry, with waterfalls from their eyes,

But Palestine is not backing down.

She prays to Allah for the help,

The help from me and you aswell.

She needs freedom and happiness.

She can’t let her people be like this forever,

She wants her rights and life.

Palestine is shouting for the help,

But all the media ignore all that,

As if nothing in the world is wrong with her.

Palestine needs our help.

She needs her freedom,

Her joy,

Her laughs and smiles back to her people.

But she has not lost hope as she knows

All them people like Obama and Blair

Don’t have a clue what is coming next.

You see after their attacks she stands up straight and she won’t back down till the very end.

Yes she is calling for our help but she is still there isn’t she?

She is not forgotten and will not be,

Because in the end she will be free.

She’ll have flowers like roses and daffodils all around,

And we’ll see little children playing so freely.

Palestine will be eventually free…

thats all i wanted to say or write 🙂



I Love You Mum <3

when I get the chance of seeing you

i will run to you

i will stroll to you

i will smile at you

i will laugh with you

i will make every moment last

with so many pictures and photographs

when i get the chance

when i see you

i will run to you, hug you and kiss you mum

because mum, you’re the one who has been with me

you’re the one who has never let me go through the bad pain

when i go insane

about a bad day

you will be the first to know

but i just want to say mum

i love you

and i am happy to see you everyday

mum, because your amazing

paradise is not under your feet for nothing

mum your amazing and i love you everyday, in every way!

mum, your my happiness.

even when i grow up i will love you mum!!!!

okaay i got inspired by the sound of reason-mom song, its worth checking out on you tube. 🙂